Planning your first-time visit? Here's what you can expect.

Morning Service

We believe God's Word is central to our growth as believers, and our morning worship service reflects this belief. Our morning consists of singing, bible reading, prayer, announcements, and of course preaching. We strive to select songs that are rich in content. Our worship time will include a blend of both newer and older songs. Every sermon is based directly on God's Word and will seek to explain and apply the Word to your own walk with Christ.


Our church is built on a slope. The main sanctuary is upstairs, while all of our Sunday School classes and children's ministries meet downstairs. If you require handicap parking, or have a difficult time navigating stairs, plan to park upstairs so you can have direct access to our sanctuary.


We provide both a nursery and children's church for your kids. If you have an infant, you are welcome to keep them with you during the service. We don't mind! However, our nursery is located downstairs if you would prefer to drop them off before the service begins instead. Children's church begins just prior to the message. At that time, one of our children's church leaders will help your kids to their classroom.

Sunday School

All of our Sunday School classes meet downstairs. We have a Sunday school class for all ages, including a nursery. These classes are meant to provide opportunities for questions and discussion. If you walk in through the downstairs entrance, our adult Sunday School class is on your left, and our youth class is on your right. The college class meets at the end of the hall and to the right, and our children's classroom and nursery is down the hall and to the left.

Have any more questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us before your visit!

Baptist Bible Church


11384 Stebbins Ave

Sparta, MI 49345

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